April 16, 2012

Lil' Pirates Baseball

Mr. Briggs,
  I can't even express how much you LOVE baseball!  You woke us up Saturday morning bright and early because you had a game at 9:30. :)  We laughed when we saw you were completely dressed in your uniform ready to go as we crawled out of bed.  You enjoy the sport so much and I hope you always do!  Here are some pictures of your second game of the season!

You're doing a great job at first this season! Way to go!


April 15, 2012

Sprink Break and Easter :)

I know this is late....EEK!!!
We were out for Spring Break the first week in April!!! Yay!  We really needed a break and now I am more than eager for summer to get here quick! ;)  We took Reid to Shands in Gainesville, FL to have some follow up test run that were requested by the pulmonologist.  When Reid had a sleep study six weeks ago his oxygen saturation levels dropped into the mid to high 80s.  You really want them to be higher than 90.  So, Dr. Wagner ( love her! ) was trying to determine if there was a cause for his sats to drop or is it because his chest is slightly smaller.  Our appointment was 8:00am Tuesday morning, which means we drug our hineys out of bed at 5:00am to get on the road.  Reid had a pH probe to determine if he has any acid reflux, an echo of his heart, a swallow test to see if he aspirates and chest x rays.  All but the pH test (acid reflux) came back great!  We are still waiting on the results of the pH test. 

We had to hold his feedings before the swallow study to ensure that he would drink the barium.  I was worried that even though he was super hungry, he might not drink that stuff!  However, he took it like a champ and I got to see it on the x ray screen going down the right way. :) Yay!  Here's the dude hangin' out right before the study serious sucking on the thumb!!!  Bring on the bottle!

This is Reid and Rico at Shands at admissions before we got started with everything.

A dance group that raised a lot of money for Shands came to each room in pediatrics and gave the kiddos a good bag.  This is Reid's new pal from his goody bag.  Please forgive me for not remembering the name of the group.  I was sleep deprived at that point from sleeping in the hospital chair. :)

Let me back up just a bit to the Friday before we got out for Spring Break.  FIELD DAY!!!  Here are the boys having a blast!

That afternoon we went for a bike ride/stroller ride.

I guess this is the "tough guy" face! ???? ha!


Oh it's not easy getting a picture of these three!

I had to take a GAZILLION to get a few good ones!

My little bunnies!

That baby bunny is so silly!

Easter weekend was spent with family.  The boys went to the movies a couple of times with Aunt Connie and Nana Bug.  They colored eggs, had a little egg hunt and spent time with family over a few dinners.  It was a great weekend!

 Way to go Aunt Connie!


Even Athens wanted to hunt!