February 5, 2014

Local Chess Tournament

Spencer and Briggs have been attending a few chess tournaments lately.  These are a few pictures from a local tournament at Spencer’s school.  They had a great time and played very well.  Way to go guys!






February 4, 2014


Thirty three is here and I’m going to rock it!  3 is my favorite number and since I’m 33 it’s only right that I be excited for this year of my life.  I was thinking this morning that I remember turning 30 very clearly, and 32 last year is still vivid.  However, 31?  I don’t remember anything from my 31st birthday!!!  EEK!  Does this mean that time is going to start flying more and more and that pretty soon these thirties are going to be a blur with 40 knocking?  Let’s hope not.  Here’s to hoping I can slow down and enjoy this precious time with four amazing guys + a pretty fabulous extended family.


Spent the afternoon at the fields for the middle man’s practice.  This youngest guy is in a no picture phase right now.  Let’s hope it passes quickly.  However, I don’t mind since he’s feeling better after having another episode of RSV and pneumonia.  Counting blessings.