January 30, 2012

3 Month Check-up

Reid went today for a three month old check up.  He's going once a month for measurements and vaccines.  I've decided to split his vaccines up...never been a fan of so many shots at one time.  Anyways, my man measured in the 50th percentile on the achon charts for head circumference, height, and weight according to Dr. G today.  I'm always the most interested in head circumference...bet you thought it would be height, huh?  Nope, head circumference is crucial!  A spike in head growth can mean that he's having some other complications.  My prayers for Reid right now are that he will stay in the 50th percentile as he grows.  Dr. G doesn't want to start the helmet/band just yet.  It is such a commitment for such a young baby.  I believe babies that have bands are usually in them most of the day and night (23 hours!).  We will revisit this issue next month.  For now, we are just continuing stretching exercises to correct the torticollis and position him differently to help the plagiocephally.  All things we have actually already been doing.  I'll let it go another month and then I want to see some change.  This little guy was tuckered out when he got home from his visit today.  He ended up taking a 3 1/2 hour nap!!!  He's tucked in tonight and dreaming away.  I hope that much needed nap doesn't mean a long night for mom and dad tonight! 

Here's the dude watching T.V. before bed! :)  The big bros have been trying to put it on something Reid will watch lately.  Ya know...."BABY shows" according to Briggs! Ha!

Looks like it must be an interesting show, huh?


The boys having a wrestling competition right before dark tonight!

Anyone want to wash these clothes?  Particularly the socks???  Anyone?

January 29, 2012

Congratulations Briggs!

Congrats to my super reader!  Briggs has earned plenty of A.R. (Accelerated Reader) points lately by reading his little heart out!  He and some other great readers were recognized this Saturday night at a Valdosta State University basketball game!  Yay!

Rico, Briggs and Spence stayed for the game!  They had a GREAT time!  I'm glad they got out for a little "guy time"!  LOVE those men!!
Look who they ran into! BLAZE!!!!

I think these two little boys had a good time!

This little boy stayed home with mom!  He's just not quite ready for a boys night! 

January 25, 2012

Three Months Old

Reid is three months old today!!  He's doing great and growing like a champ!  I love that he is interacting with us more and more everyday!  All the smiling and cooing is wonderful and just yesterday he laughed out loud!!  It was a real "LOL"! :)  Of course, he only did it that once, AND it was directed to those owls!!!!  But, it was the cutest chuckle I've heard in a while!  He was sleeping eight hours at night but we changed his nap schedule around during the day for GrandDadE.  So, now Mr. Reid gets up once around 3:30.  We don't mind...it's just more time spent cuddling with him.  He will be going for a 3 month checkup with his pediatrician Monday.  I'll post his measurements later.  He still hates his stretching exercises for his torticollis.  It seems as though it may be improving slightly.  The plagiocephally, however, isn't improving.  We are looking into that helmet/band now.  We are also waiting to hear back from the sleep lab to schedule his first sleep study.  Reid will need to have a sleep study periodically to check for sleep apnea.

  We are enjoying you so much sweet baby!  I can't wait to see how you grow and change next month. 

Here are a few pictures from today!

We love you Reidster!!!

January 20, 2012

My Middle Love

My Dearest Briggs,
    Lately I've been thinking about planning your seventh birthday and it has hit me...YOU ARE GROWING UP!  I wish you would stay my little boy forever!  You are so amazing to me!  I love how you have a sweet, laid back, and slightly funny personality around your friends.  And I LOVE how you don't have any problem speaking up and telling me what is on your mind.  Others have told me in the past they think you are shy.  I have seen that, but I know that when you are home and comfortable you could really rule the roost!...well, if we stepped back.  In fact, you've been known to throw a few lines out there that sound as though you are the parent.  I love laughing at your crazy ways and I'm always ready to see what you will say next.  You are truly my bud!  You are always right by my side helping out, running errands, cooking, and cleaning (That's right! It's out there for your future wife to see one day! You cleaned!).  You have been "the baby" for so long and have now moved into the role of "big brother" flawlessly.  I hope you always keep that drive you have to accomplish what you want to in life.  I know that drive, it is a wonderful quality, and it will make life exciting.  Always know that you can do ANYTHING you set out to do.  Your life is yours and it's going to be a beautiful journey! 

How much do I love you?....too much!


You've grown up so much sweet boy!

January 18, 2012

Little Birdies

You may have noticed that in those pictures I love taking of Reid, he is usually looking up toward the ceiling.  Well, he has "friends" flying above and most of the time these guys can get more smiles than me!  I can act sooooo silly and get a few smiles but he's really grinning when he sees his buds above. 
Meet Artie, Olly, and Dot!

Artie seems to favor an artichoke.  And....well, Dot just fit, ya know?!

This guy!!!  Oh, he gets looks like....


Not to mention...
A little of this!  This would be Reid "talking" to Olly! Oh yeah! Olly can just hang there and get all kinds of action.  Meanwhile, I will be acting completely nuts to compete and get the same reactions! :)  Doesn't seem quite fair does it?  Well, as long as he's smiling and I can enjoy, I guess I'll share him with these owls.  Briggs and I made those owls on a Saturday before Mr. Reid arrived.  Who knew a little paper mache' would be such a hit with our guy! ;)

Isn't it just precious?  He's too cute flirting with these crazy birds! 
I love to watch him move like crazy, kicking and squirming like he's going to be able to jump up off the table and grab one! Ha!

Picture Crazy

Okay...so I may have gone a little crazy today with the pictures, but in my defense...He'll only be a baby for so long.  I can't get enough of him on the changing table in his room.  I think it's his favorite place in the house.  He just "lights up" when he's in that spot.  Twelve weeks old now!


Love these tootsies!

Okay mom!! Enough already!

January 17, 2012

Pinterest Crazy

So....I'm changing a few things around in the house lately and pinterest is helping out!!  Perfect timing to find such a neat sight!  This weekend I attempted my first project and SUCCESS!  Well, at least I think so.  I don't know wreaths are so appealing to me lately but they are...go figure!  Anyways, this book wreath just looked like something I had to try.  I tore up two old books from my college days.  I hate to destroy a book but these were really weird reads even back then when I was so open minded.  It took all day Sunday because I worked on it off and on (Reid's naps are only so long).

pinterest inspiration from the nester

Mine!  I hung mine in the kitchen window.  It will stay there until I change my mind, which happens often, and I move it elsewhere.  I love it!

The Sweetest Thing

I can't tell you how much I love this guy!  This is my Spencer and he is the sweetest thing!  I guess I've caught the crud...throat hurts, aching all over...YUK!  Well, today I had to tell Spencer he couldn't stay for chess club (which he LOVES) because I am feeling so crummy. :(  Spence said, "Ah mom, that's okay.  Briggs and I can watch Reid for you when we get home while you go to bed."  OMG...is that not precious!?  I love that he was offering and I LOVE that he was offering his brother's help too! Ha!  I told him I would be fine to take care of Reid until daddy got home, but what a sweet baby to offer!!
     He is a wonderful big brother and will help me entertain Reid so I can load the dishwasher, throw some laundry in, etc...  Briggs is pretty awesome also and will help out as well!  How did I get to be so blessed with such great guys?! LOVE THEM!!
     Spencer and Rico have had this junk the last few days and seem to be getting over it.  Thank goodness...I'm praying that Briggs and Reid don't catch whatever it is.  Well, the hubs is home now and taking over so it's off to bed for me!  Just wanted to brag on my sweet, sweet guy! :)

January 13, 2012

GrandDadE's Bud

       I didn't think going back to work and leaving Reid would be easy.  Just before I got pregnant with Reid, we had been thinking about where the baby would go when I returned back to work.  The answer came like the biggest gift I could have gotten the entire pregnancy.  My dad retired just as we found out baby number three was on the way.  My dad, "GrandDadE" (and yes, that is how we spell it!) offered to keep our baby at our house when the time came to return to work.  Can you believe that?! I don't know many grandads who would do such a thing!
       Now, Reid is still very young so the transition hasn't been flawless.  We are still working on a great day schedule for him and GrandDadE.  As I've mentioned before, Reid can definately "speak up" when he doesn't agree with something.  I don't want to say that Rico and I ignore Mr. Reid...but, we aren't always going to jump at the second he begins crying.  My sweet daddy has been walking the floors with him and just yesterday I found out he didn't even eat lunch.  WHAT?! No, no, no...that just will not work.  So, we've got a bit of a "Whip Reid Into Shape Bootcamp" going on this weekend (love that it's a 3 day weekend by the way!) and fingers crossed Tuesday will be better! 
       I am extremely blessed to have the amazing parents I have.  I know most people think they have the best parents in the world...but, I REALLY do have THE best!  I could never say "Thank You!" enough to my wonderful parents.  They are always there for me.  I hope one day Spencer, Briggs and Reid view Rico and I just as I view my amazing mom and dad!!  I love you both so much!!!
GrandDadE and Reid

GrandDadE and Spencer

GrandDadE and Nana Bug with Briggs

GrandDadE and Briggs

Nana Bug and Briggs

Spence and GrandDadE