May 30, 2012


I am loving the new Instagram app!  I like how I can capture my kiddos and then edit the pictures a bit to give them a different look!  So much better than my camera phone option! Yay!

Love this little stink! ;)

Dreaming away...

Spencer and Briggs made me a cake for Mother's Day and brought it to me in bed!  I was sick on Mother's Day... :(

Time for a little pool fun!

Reid just went for a dip!

He decided to take his afternoon nap on the back deck after his swim... :)

Briggs showing off his muscles! "Look at my guns!"

Spencer taking a break from fishing. 


Reid decided he'd try his passy since Cookie Monster had one!

When you are number 3...You're NEVER alone!


Where is Reid?

There he is!!

Yes I am....
Thanks for the cup Lesa! LOVE IT!!!

May 27, 2012

7 Months Old and a Cold :(

Reid was 7 months old on Friday! We are now closer to 1 year than a newborn! Reid recently caught his first cold! :( I took him into see Dr. G when I saw the sniffles coming.  His ears looked great....whew! He's really congested and has now developed a cough.  He's been on an antibiotic and we go back for a check up on Tuesday.  It's so hard to see my babies feeling bad when they are sick.  I'm very thankful that Reid's first cold decided to show up when I was getting out for summer break.  I'm also glad that he went 7 months with not even the first sniffle.  Here are a few pictures of our guy today! Happy 7 months Reid!!!

Reid has learned to clap!

This was the only picture I could get showing off his teeth!

May 14, 2012

The Other Side

Tonight while in the baseball park I ran into a couple of ladies that I haven't seen in quite some time.  While chatting with them one was sharing her recent struggles with her mom's passing.  She talked about the pain and I explained that I feel the same thing in somewhat of a different way.  She looked a little puzzled and then I realized that she didn't know about Reid and his diagnosis of achondroplasia.  I don't know why I assumed she had probably run into someone else and they had mentioned it to of those... "Did  you hear about Jennifer and Rico's baby boy?" It's like I can picture people saying this even if they really aren't.  Our friends and family have been nothing but supportive since we received news that Reid would be born with a form of skeletal dysplasia.  However, I guess it's normal for me to imagine people giving that "Oh that's terrible" thought.  I think I may assume this is the natural response because I've been on that side.  We've all had these thoughts before when hearing about an accident, a diagnosis, someone's illness, or death.  It's so weird when you find yourself on the other side.  I no longer say to myself, "Oh that's terrible" when I hear some major know...the kind that shakes you to the core.  I now see and feel things so differently.  I actually hurt for them.  This lady at the ball bark tonight talked about how this past year has been the hardest thing she has ever had to go through.  Normally, I would think the "Oh that's terrible", say a little prayer for her and her family and then move on.  Now, I hurt for her.  Now, I empathize with her.  I picture my life in the same exact situation.  What would happen to me if I went through that same thing next year, next month or tomorrow?  I've been through something core shaking and now there is no going back to the old me.  The old me that would have sincerely thought about it but then dismissed it as soon as I walked away.  I don't know if that's right or wrong, but just how life is.  It's like once you've crossed that line you don't see the world or the people in it the same way you did before.  And for that, I'm grateful.  I found myself pretty choked up tonight while explaining to her just briefly what we just went through six months ago.  Most of the time I can explain our new adventure to anyone and be completely fine...which is nice!  But there are those moments when I'm not strong, I can't fake it and I'm broken down.  I write things like this in the blog because one day Reid will read this and he will know that he changed me.  He changed me for the better and he helped me get to that "other side". 

May 4, 2012

Orioles Baseball

Spencer Man is on the Orioles team this spring.  He's mainly been playing outfield this season and loving it.  I love watching him play!  His team is so cute with all their little chants!  I have to post one so that he can look back and I can remind him that yes he did that!  Too bad I don't have it on video...note to self...tape it before the season is over! Ha!

Down in the baseball cemetery...Down in the baseball cemetery...
Your team is going to get buried...Your team is going to get buried..
Six feet wide and twelve feet under...Six feet wide and twelve feet under..
When we hit the ball it sounds like thunder...When we hit the ball it sounds like thunder...
Thunder, thunder, thunder nation...thunder, thunder thunder nation..
We're the best team in the nation...We're the best team in the nation...
Nation, nation, nation wide....nation, nation, nation wide
Nation wide is on our side!!! Nation wide is on our side!!!

May 3, 2012

6 months

Happy half a year old to my baby boy!  Well...actually April 25th he was officially 6 months.  I'm a bit behind in my blogging world. School is winding down now and things are busy, busy, busy!!! 

Reid is doing great!!!  He goes to see Dr. G on Monday and will need some more vaccines and new measurements.  We are getting 15 pounds for weight, 19 1/4 inches for head circumference, and 24 1/2 inches for height.  He is such a funny guy!  He is so chatty with us and often just yells out to make everyone stop and pay attention to him!  Rotten...I know!  It's so funny how he's sliding into that "third child" stereotype I've heard about...such a charmer!  He's been hanging out at the ball fields quite a bit lately for big brothers' games.  He lights up and turns to all smiles if anyone comes near him!  Major milestone for this month was the appearance of not one but two TEETH!  That's right two bottom teeth are in and he's chewing up a storm!

We love him so much and I feel like time is flying now.  The last six months have been full of happiness, worry, doctors appointments, baseball, work and family time.  I'm hoping now that school is about to be out for the summer, we can hopefully slow down and enjoy some lazy time together.  Here are a few pictures of Reid last week. :)

Chma boys!

Love these sweet faces!!!