November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Carving


I have to admit….


I have white ones, bluish/gray ones, traditional orange ones, fake ones, real ones, painted ones…  See?  I can’t wait for October when I start filling our home and porches with pumpkins! 

As much as I love to admire them around our home, I love seeing these sweet fellas carving pumpkins.  We dug into the orange pumpkins that sit on the front porch Wednesday night. 


Reid usually cautiously approaches new things and slimy pumpkin parts would be no exception except his teachers at school carved a class pumpkin that day as well.  He had a preview to this fun activity so that helped when convincing him to just dive in with both hands!

IMG_9204_1 IMG_9206


The big brothers cracked my up with their carving.  Spencer meticulously carved his jack-o-lantern complete with a dimple on one side of the mouth just like he himself has.



Briggs, on the other hand, went after his pumpkin stabbing it to add “hair” and a “beard”.  He also thought it needed a mole beside the nose just like “Nana Bug’s boo boo” (Reid points out my mom’s mole as her boo boo every time he sees her).



It was a great afternoon…


IMG_9209 IMG_9230 IMG_9238



IMG_9216 IMG_9217


Unfortunately, I became ill Thursday night and Reid started running a fever and feeling bad on Friday.  So, no trick or treating for us on Halloween, which also means I missed out on pictures and costumes!  So, we’ve decided to dress anyway and at least ring Nana Bug and GrandDadE’s doorbell tomorrow.  Pictures to follow.

Preschool Begins

The day finally came and Reid started school!!!  Wow.  It’s weird to be able to say that our baby boy is in school now. I know most say that the years fly by and in the blink of an eye you’re on to the next chapter.  However, there are times when time feels as though it’s moving more slowly with our Reid.  It seems that he’s been a “baby” for a long time.  Maybe that is because he walked later, talked later (which we are still working on), or maybe it’s that his life has been so involved.  Involved with extra appointments, procedures, and worry.  But this life is beautiful and we are celebrating this time and excited for our “big boy” beginning school! 

To the next chapter…


Mom and Dad pumped last Tuesday morning.  Reid a little unsure.  Oh, and it was “Silly Sock Day” at school so I rocked some of the boys’ baseball socks!