September 19, 2012


I promise that I haven't abandoned my blog!  Life happens and know, things get crazy.  School started, Reid ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, the boys began football and baseball, and I'm just trying to catch up.  Each night after work and practice, I would think about the blog and how I needed to get up and write a post.  But, truth is crawling in bed and crashing trumps updating the blog when you are running on "E".  One night, turned into two, and two turned into three and then it just seemed easier to say to myself, "I'll write a big post really soon!". 

Reid began battling what seemed to be a bit of a cold several weeks ago.  We took him in to see our pediatrician and he thought Reid needed to be admitted for further tests.  His lungs were not sounding very good at the time and we had already begun breathing treatments on the nebulizer.  Shortly after we arrived they put him on continuous aerosol treatment for 8 hours!!!  It was like being on the nebulizer for 8 hours straight.
Just beginning a continuous treatment. 
He actually did better than I thought he would.  After that we got a confirmation that he did in fact have pneumonia and we ended up staying in the hospital for four days. 

Of course, Fairbanks Jr. went to the hospital with us and OF COURSE he got a nice long HOT bath when we got home. ;)

 Getting ready to go home!! All smiles! :)

He is doing so much better now.  We've been tapering his treatments down and now he's only taking them once at night before bedtime. 
Books help to pass the time. ;)
Spencer and Briggs are really enjoying school so far.  Both are very busy with football and baseball.  Spencer chose football this fall and Briggs chose baseball (Couldn't go easy on mom and dad and pick the same..*sigh). 
My Spencer Man all geared up!

 I have to admit, I haven't pulled out the "big" camera as much lately and the phone pics are limited.  It's on my to do of football and baseball. :)
I'm glad Reid hasn't seemed to mind all the running around with practices.  Especially, since it's been pretty warm here in south Georgia...BRING ON THE FALL WEATHER!!!
All sweaty waiting on Briggs at baseball!
Speaking of football....I think my little guy is ready for some Lowndes Vikings!!!
Go Vikings!!! about a little picture dump from the phone? :)
 Love this little tummy sticking out of these jammies!

Have I mentioned how in love I am with these chubby legs?!?!?!?!?!? 

I guess Santa is coming early this year!  Love his sense of humor! :)
More posting coming soon....I promise. :)