March 28, 2012


We had BEAUTIFUL weather on Sunday!  It was so nice to just relax now that Briggs' party is over.  My poor Spencer had a stomach virus. :( So, he spent the day in bed.  I took Briggs and Reid out to spend sometime poolside.  Reid LOVED chillin' in his chair while Briggs went swimming and ran around the yard.  Rico, Reid and I spent late afternoon as lounge lizards in the chairs by the pool while Briggs played.  It was such a nice day and I needed a "slowdown" day. :)  Just wished my oldest guy could have joined in.

Reid is watching his videos on my phone!
 Singing along with "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"!!!  LOVE HIM!!

March 26, 2012


Reid tried carrots on Sunday and LOVED them! Yum!  He seems to like the carrots more than rice cereal!  Bring on the next flavor! :)

About to try them for the first time!

Hmmmmmmm...this is different.

Looking over at big brother!

Thinking he will feed himself....aim a little lower Reid :)

It sure was good!

Reid even had a lot to "say" about his first baby food experience. :)

Party Time!

Briggs' 7th Birthday Bash!

Briggs LOVES UGA!!! So, of course we had to have a party sportin' red and black! ;)  We had such a great day with friends and family!  The boys went for a swim, had some pizza, ate cake and ice cream, and busted a pinata!  Briggs had a great time!!! 
The rain had just stopped when the party started! Whew!!!

Reid sat back and watched!


We love you so much  Briggs! Hope 7 ROCKS!!!

Special "THANKS!" to my precious parents! We could not have put this party on without you two!!!  You're the best! Love y'all!