January 26, 2013

Chess Champs!

Spencer and Briggs love to play chess when we aren’t running around for baseball and football.  I was so excited to get a text from Rico today that said both boys won first place in their brackets! Whoop! Whoop! Our school LPE won first place as well the middle school, LMS, and high school, LHS!  It’s great to be a Lowndes Viking!  I stayed in with Reid today, he’s still a little under the weather, but Rico took the camera for some quick shots of the boys with their trophies.  I got thirteen pictures to choose from and half were out of focus (Love you Hun!) but here is what I do have!  So proud of my guys!
IMG_7959 IMG_7957

Snow Day

I think the only thing we are really missing out on in the south is snow.  I laugh every year when I try to explain it to a class of five year olds.  Well, this year our school had a SNOW DAY!  Forget the fact that this snow was ordered in from and out of town company.  It was snow!!! White, cold, wet and ready for play.  I ran around like crazy yesterday trying to get pictures of both my guys and my kindergarteners during their designated snow times.  The shots of Briggs really crack me up. They are so natural and cute until he realizes I’m there with camera in hand.  We are going through a “NO PICTURES OF ME MAMA!!” phase right now.  I’m posting his no smiling shot anyways for him to view when he’s older.  He must know how he did his mama!  My sweet Spencer just smiled away!  I love these guys!
IMG_7936IMG_7932  IMG_7929
IMG_7933    IMG_7928
IMG_7935IMG_7948  IMG_7931
IMG_7930  IMG_7942
IMG_7903    IMG_7904
IMG_7906IMG_7905IMG_7907  IMG_7909
IMG_7910  IMG_7911
IMG_7918       IMG_7916
IMG_7924   IMG_7915

January 13, 2013


Spencer was completely over the moon when he found out he got the part of “Rudolph” in our school Christmas Program!  According to his music teacher he gave a surprisingly good audition.   Surprising because no one expected him to rock it out like he did!  This part had a James Brown feel singing part.  Spencer did great on stage for two performances before we got out for Christmas break!  Way to go Spencer!!
IMG_7658     IMG_7659


January 1, 2013

My Trio

Just a few pictures taken this December. :)



Oh how I love Christmas!  I love the way my family gathers for days before and after Christmas.  I love the look on my children's faces Christmas morning.  I love the laughter, smiles, and conversations all through our home.  I love the way the house looks and smells! Yep, I LOVE Christmas.  
 This year we didn't go to the tree farm like we have in years past.  Reid had just gotten out of the hospital and we just didn't want to take him out and about just yet.  Rico brought a tree home from Lowes and I loved (Yes, I may use this word excessively during this post even though as a teacher I know better) it because it was a frasier fur.  We don't have frasier fur trees at our local tree farms because frasiers don't grow in south Georgia.  We also grabbed a few fresh wreaths and it all created an amazing holiday smell in our home.
We took the boys on a nature walk along the woods near our house and we were able to snag a few goodies to decorate the tree and dining table.  Our goodies mainly consisted of pine cones but we did find a great vine to weave in the tree.  I knew I wouldn't pull out all the Christmas decorations this year and I was really fond of the concept, "Less is MORE".  Hot glue some rope to a few ornaments, a can of white spray paint and BAM decorations are done!

 Last year's hand prints. :)
The boys spent much of Christmas Eve tracking Santa and trying to determine just how late they could stay up.  After the reindeer food was sprinkled and the coke and cookies were set out it was off to bed.  We always put a coke and cookies out for the big guy!  Santa needs a little "pick me up" for that long night.  I could hear those sweet whispers and giggles coming from down the hall until about 11:00!!  My guys are so silly and usually sleep in until at least 8:00 or 8:30 on Christmas morning.  I'm usually impatiently waiting with coffee made and camera in hand.  And as always, that jolly ole' fella didn't disappoint this year!  I laughed after getting a good look at our tree.  Between the monster trucks and fishing poles sticking out of the tree, it's definitely evident that boys live here. 
 Our elf, Simon was a real hoot this year!  He had to trap the boys in their room Christmas eve before returning to the North Pole. :)
 I think Santa enjoyed the coke and cookies! Only part of one cookie left.

Christmas morning always goes by so fast but I love to see these faces! Oh the wonder of Christmas!



We threw the table together really fast, which I love, with some butcher paper, burlap (of course!), pine branches, and pine cones!!  My aunt brought the adorable reindeer down from NC for an early Christmas gift!  He's so stinkin' cute I'm leaving him out after Christmas too!
My mom's side of the family is from England.  So, Christmas crackers always make their way to our holiday table.  We grab them turn to a partner, pull, and POP!  They are filled with little goodies that usually get a good laugh, this year the "diamond" watch seemed to be a hit amongst the ladies! Ha!  The tissue paper crowns are a must and pictures are absolutely necessary!  Reid fell asleep in his highchair during Christmas dinner, who could blame him with that exciting morning, so he's not in the crown photos.  Next year you aren't getting out of it Reidster!

 One last surprise gift in the apartment downstairs!  They LOVED it!
P.S. I let the boys stay in their pajamas all day! ;)